MessageMe Update For iPhone Brings Landscape Chat And Video Improvements


Doodle on your friends without the fear of retaliation.
Doodle on your friends without the fear of retaliation.

Messaging alternative MessageMe just updated today with several new features, like the ability to chat in landscape mode if that strikes your fancy.

The iPhone app won’t save chat doodles to the camera roll by default anymore; you’ll be able to save them if you like, or turn the feature off completely, saving valuable space on your iPhone should you so choose. The Voice Notes feature has been improved, and you can search for other MessageMe users using their email.

Audio now works for messages with video, and you can save videos as well in the new version. There’s also other “minor fixes and performance improvements” to be found.

MessageMe is billed as an SMS alternative, letting users send messages to individuals or groups without any per-message cost, as it uses WiFi, EDGE, or LTE network data instead of a carrier’s texting system. You can send YouTube videos, iTunes songs, voice recordings, emoticons, and more, with the ability to doodle on pictures you send or get sent to you.
Pictures can be sent from Facebook or Instagram as well as the Camera Roll, making this a pretty comprehensive solution.

You can get the updated app for free in the App Store now, or use your App Store app on your iPhone to update MessageMe directly.

Source: App Store


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