Run Sheldon! Can You Help The Tortoise Beat The Hare… Again? [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by Bee Square, creator of Run Sheldon.

Once upon a time, the Tortoise famously beat the Hare in a running race. Now you can help him do it again — against an entire gang of hares.

Run Sheldon is a free ($0.00) running / action game for iPad / iPod touch / iPhone optimized for iPhone 5. You are Sheldon, the legendary Tortoise who beat the Hare to collect the Golden Race Trophy. Now, Old Man Hare wants that trophy back. And being lapine, he has bred a large gang of hares to get it for him. In order to survive, Sheldon has to keep running to escape the evil Hare gang….

Run Sheldon is the first game from new iOS app developer Bee Square. Basically, you are Sheldon the Tortoise and all you have to do is evade being caught by an endless series of Hares who are collectively after your golden trophy which you won in the fabled Tortoise and Hare race. Now the race is back on!

Using only single and double taps to jump and float, you can make Sheldon collect coins, boost power-ups and grab helpful items to assist him in evading the Hares who continually pursue the fleet-footed Tortoise. These items include wings to fly with, bubbles to bounce up and glides to float upon, all useful appurtenances to get away from those Hares.

Sheldon runs, jumps and swims through never-ending changes of grassy, mountainous or watery scenery, day and night. This is a fast, animated, absorbing and addictive app with cartoon-like graphics and a filmic soundtrack. The background music deserves special mention because its orchestral theme lends the app a cinematic blockbuster-like atmospherics.

The app is super social–challenge your rankings versus friends and anyone else on the global Game Center and share your achievements on Facebook.

Run Sheldon is one of those great games not only for iPad / iPad mini but also for iPod touch and iPhone, because of its simple one-/two-tap controls and well-designed graphics for the smaller devices’ screens. The graphics are really clear on the iPhone.


This game is downloadable for free on iTunes, and appears not to have any in-app purchases.