You’ll Soon Be Able To Self-Checkout At Walmart Using Your iPhone



Depending on how well it works for you, the Apple Store app’s EasyPay system is either a dream of a convenience or a total nightmare that ends up getting you arrested. And now a similar experience is rolling out to over 200 Walmarts nationwide.

Reuters reports that Walmart’s Scan & Go self-checkout system is being expanded from its current pilot program of 70 Walmarts in Georgia and Arkansas, to a larger number of stores in the following markets:

Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Omaha, Nebraska; Dallas and Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Wyoming; Bozeman, Montana; Seattle, Washington; San Jose, California; and Portland, Oregon.

The Scan & Go system works similarly but not identically to the Apple Store EasyPay feature. Using the official Walmart app, you scan items into your iPhone as you shop, then easily checkout when you’re ready to leave the store at a self-checkout station.

The big difference is that you can’t actually pay for your items through the app: you still need to swipe a credit card or hand over some cash at the end, presumably to prevent Apple from trying to take a cut of the sales.

Source: Reuters

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  • Jdsonice

    So the company that sells chinese crap for cheap is making it easier to spend you money to buy more crap. Wonderful. No one should shop at Walmart. They sell crap.