Leaked Google Video Confirms Google Now For iOS


Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant that was introduced to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean last June, appears to be gearing up to make its debut on iOS. The feature will be integrated into the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad, according to a promotional video that was allegedly posted to Google’s official YouTube channel prematurely — before quickly being pulled again.

Fortunately for us, the clip, which you can watch below, was downloaded by a viewer and re-uploaded to YouTube before Google had the chance to pull it. Although we can’t be completely sure it’s genuine, it certainly looks it.

Leaked Google Video Confirms Google Now For iOS

You may have noticed that the clip shares the same feel as the Google Now promotional video for Android. It also features the same voice actress. Check out the Android version of the video below.

Leaked Google Video Confirms Google Now For iOS

There’s very little chance that this video isn’t genuine, then, but whether Google Now will indeed come to iOS or not is another matter. Although this is a good sign, it’s yet to be confirmed, and until then, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. There’s every chance that the feature was part of Google’s plans, but has since been dropped.

Google Now would certainly be a great addition to the Google Search app, however. It has received all kinds of praise since making its debut on Android, and many users now see it as one of Android’s biggest selling points. The feature is also expected to come to the Chrome browser on Windows and Chrome OS soon.

  • djrobsd

    Well unless Apple allows apps to open up other applications and interface with SMS, Contacts, and CAL, then Google Now will never be what SIRI is on IOS but it definitely looks good.

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