Domino’s New Pizza App Pimps A Virtual Anime Schoolgirl To Japanese Pizza Perverts [Video]



It is often said that Japan is a weird country.

Case in point, can you imagine any other country in which Domino’s Pizza Japanese president Scott Oelkers would make a commercial in which, over the course of a two minute period, he shills a new iPhone app featuring a virtual anime girlfriend named Hatsune Miku who “exists in a software called Vocaloid which enables you to create songs” that Hatsune Miku then sings.

Not that the Domino’s app does any of this, mind you. It just allows you order pizza online and listen to Vocaloid songs written by the wage-slavers who heat up your pie. You can also, apparently, insert Hitsune Miku into photos of your choosing, the perfect way to simulate the experience of having a cartoom girlfriend who will do whatever you want.

“Have fun with Miku!” trills Scott Oelkers with wild, manic eyes. If you choose to do so, you can download the app here (Japan only).

Via: MacGasm

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  • amilwani

    nice :p

  • alalcoolj

    Hatsune Miku is the voice and muse for tens of thousands of indie musicians, artists, and animators, providing a platform for them to connect with her millions of fans worldwide. She heralds a revolutionary new way to create, popularize, and distribute indie music and videos on an enormous scale, making her the subject of research by academics across a range of disciplines.

    Yet you decided that the real story here is that she is a “virtual girlfriend” for “pizza perverts”. Those are some pretty interesting journalistic instincts you’ve cultivated there. :-P

  • jrharbort


    I could be far more detailed, but I’m tired of answering articles like these.

    1: Vocaloid isn’t an anime.

    2: Hatsune Miku isn’t a school girl. Read this:

    3: The app is in Japanese, but it’s been made available for download in all regions. Most of the functions are accessible, with the exception of actually ordering a pizza (Japan-only).

  • LewisEKilgo

    Schoolgirl? Pimps? Perverts? Are you for real?
    Journalism? Delude yourselves if you want.
    Looks like the muckrakers are in charge here.