Canadian Thieves Rob Apple Store With Bear Mace


Any chemical that can dissuade a bear from using your ribs like emory boards is potent stuff, which is why this story of an Apple Store robbery up in Vancouver is so horrifying: three perps busted up a Genius Bar and started indiscriminately spraying people with bear mace.

According to a brief report in The Toronto Sun:

About 40 people were in the store at the Oakridge Mall around 7 p.m. when three men burst in and discharged the spray before making off with an unknown quantity of Apple devices, CTV reports.

Police were unable to track down the suspects but did find some of the stolen items discarded by the thieves on their way out.

Five people were treated at the scene for exposure to the bear spray, which is a polite way of saying they were treated for having their faces melted off.

  • Silverrune

    At least it wasn’t at gun point.

  • Bruce Schrock

    I’d wanna see how that went down…. * Canadian thief sprays person with pepper spray* I’m Sorry. lol

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