RunKeeper Gets Fantastic New ‘Night Mode’ For Night Runners


Cult of Mac’s vote for the best all-around fitness app for the iPhone is Runkeeper, and it just got a fantastic new update that makes your running preferences more customizable than ever, including a brilliant new ‘night color’ mode which makes the display easier on the eyes, even if you are not a night runner.

In addition to the new Night Mode, the new, 3.1 version of the Runkeeper app makes it easier to change your audio cues, visual themes, auto-pause and screen orientation settings even when you’re already jogging at a speedy clip. There’s also new weight logging and visualization tools, that allow you to track your weight over time, and Runkeeper will even remind you when it’s time to step on a scale.

I love Runkeeper: it’s one of the most indispensible apps on this flabby fatass’s iPhone. This is a really solid update, and I’m loving the new Night Mode. If only Runkeeper would allow you to set GPS destinations and plan running routes beforehand, the app would be pretty much perfect in my book.

  • FriarNurgle

    If only the Apple Maps app got a freaking night mode. Feel like my car is from the movie Repo Man.

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