How To See When Someone Is Sending You An iMessage In The iPhone’s Status Bar [Jailbreak]

Aah, the iMessage ellipsis.

Aah, the iMessage ellipsis.

After texting on the iPhone for awhile, you get used to seeing the “…” bubble mid-conversation. Whenever someone with iMessage is typing to you, the ellipsis bubble appears in that thread of the Message app. It helps you know that whoever you’re talking to is about to respond, and it also gives people away when they choose to start an iMessage and then stop.

What if you could see when someone was sending you an iMessage no matter where you are in iOS? The iPhone’s status bar would be the perfect place to display such a notifier, wouldn’t it?

Enter TypeStatus. This handy jailbreak tweak recently came out in Cydia for jailbroken iPhones. All it does is place the little “…” bubble you see in the Messages app next to your battery info in the status bar. Now whenever someone is typing you a message, you’ll be notified with a subtle indicator at the top of the screen. It will disappear the moment an iMessage is no longer being composed.

TypeStatus is totally free, so there’s no reason to not download it and give it a try.

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  • lambaline

    why don’t they have this for mac?

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