Apple Settles Lawsuit With Parents Whose Kids Spent Too Much On In-App Purchases

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Apple has finally settled a 2011 lawsuit with parents whose kids spent insane amounts of money on in-app purchases. A group of parents originally sued Apple after their kids raked up enormous iTunes bills on apps that were downloaded for free from the App Store.

Many apps use the ‘freemium’ model to bait users with a free download and then use in-app purchase to generate revenue. Most adults are good at restraining themselves from such temptations, but young ones are not so strong willed.

Under the terms of the settlement, Apple will pay $5 in iTunes gift cards to the parents who sued. If the amount is over $5, Apple will issue either a credit or cash refund to the affected parents.

You can watch an old segment on The Daily Show with John Stewart that explains the issue behind this suit. Two parents learned that their kid had raked up hundreds of dollars to bring a fish back to life in the iOS game Tap Fish.

The lawsuit doesn’t reveal how much Apple will have to pay out to all of the parents involved who can’t claim responsibility for their kids’ actions.

Source: GigaOM 

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  • technochick

    The whole thing is BS since apple put in a way to block such purchases from day one and the parents didn’t bother to use it.

    My fav is the woman that sued cause here kids racked up a huge bill with the password she told the oldest child when then told it to the little ones

  • BruceGrande

    before I looked at the receipt for $8875, I didn’t believe …that…my best friend was like they say realie bringing home money parttime from their computer.. there mums best friend haz done this for only 15 months and just repayed the loans on there house and bought a top of the range Lexus LS400. I went here……. BIT40.?O?

  • Skywaytraffic

    Society these days is ridiculous. Kids fuck up? No worries, just blame someone else!

    Just spank the little asshole and be done with it.

  • joewaylo

    And the developers still keep on trucking with getting kids to buy in-app stuff. Just recently, I’ve seen Nickelodeon charging kids in-app to buy tokens.