Camera C64 Makes Your iPhone Photos 8-Bit



Forget 8-megapixel pictures and HDR — if you want photos that instantly look cool, then it’s time to take a step back… all the way back to the eighties. Camera C64 is a free iPhone app that helps you relive the days when the Commodore C64 was considered cutting-edge technology by delivering authentic 16-color photos that are almost guaranteed to look good.

Camera C64 uses exactly the same idiosyncratic palette that was used by the C64’s VIC-II chip, along with a realistic dithering effect that was used to alleviate the lack of realistic colors in the C64 palette. The app then decreases your images to 320×200 pixels, which is the same resolution of the C64.

That sounds awful given today’s high-resolution photos, but it actually provides you with some pretty great results — as you can see from my samples above and below. You can save your photos to your camera roll, share them via Facebook, Twitter, or email,

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 17.31.08

What’s great about Camera C64 is that it displays its effects in real-time, so you can see exactly what you’re photo is going to look like before you snap it; there’s no need to apply the effects later and then wait for the magic to happen. The app also comes with some additional filters that emulate a black and white TV, and an amber and green monitor, which are available through an in-app purchase at $0.99.

You can find Camera C64 in the App Store now using the source link below.

Source: App Store

Via: Redmond Pie

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