ECBC Rolling Luggage With Mobile Charging Stattions

ECBC’s new range of roll-along luggage packs a rather neat feature: a battery pack which will charge your gadgets as you travel.

I don’t like bags which full themselves up with gimmicks and padded compartments – they’re always too heavy even when they’re still empty. And neither do I like roll-along luggage. It’s also heavier than it needs to be, and takes up too much space. Also, you look like a pussy when you drag it along behind you while I heft a backpack or messenger bag through the airport.

And ECBC’s new gear won’t change that. However, if you’re going to put a charging station into a bag, a rolling carry-on seems ideal. First, weight is less important as it has wheels. Second, the last place you want to get stuck without a fully-charged iPad is at the airport, especially if your flight is delayed.

And thirdly, plugging a suitcase into a wall at an airport is totally not going to cause any trouble at all. Especially if you wander away from it for a while.

The ECBC packs, which launch tomorrow, come in three configurations – backpack, regular and garment bag – but all three look like regular rolling luggage, and have the same annoying, tiny wheels you know and, like, totally love.

Prices will run from just $300. My extra-large Velo backpack and UNU 11,00mAh battery pack are starting to look like an amazing investment.

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