Swipe To Unlock Your Mac With Lock Screen Plus [Sponsored Post]


Lock Screen Plus

You can get so accustomed to swiping to unlock your iPhone and iPad, that by comparison, clicking to awaken your dozing MacBook seems so… unceremonious. Now SquidMelon brings password-protected “Swipe to Unlock” to the Mac with a new app, Lock Screen Plus.

Lock Screen Plus from Korean developer SquidMelon is a novel lock screen app for the Mac.  It lets you choose a variety of themes and unlock styles — with iOS-like “Swipe to Unlock.”

With Lock Screen Plus, you can slide your trackpad or keyboard to unlock your Mac, or do it with a click of the mouse. Set your password for security and your Mac is locked.

Each lock screen has a different look and animation. There’s a Metro theme that looks like Windows 8! Ozone has a cool modern unlock popup, while the Metropolis theme has a cartoon-style password popup.

Lock Screen Plus features a Microsoft-inspired Metro lock screen to make your Mac look like a PC!
Lock Screen Plus features a Microsoft-inspired Metro lock screen to make your Mac look like a PC!

The application also provides a variety of preferences so you can customize your lock screen by choosing your wallpaper, time format, lock sound, and custom lock text. You can also choose an animation when you lock and unlock your screen, such as zoom, fade, rise up, and so on.

The lock screen has full functionality including lock hotkey, auto lock, lock when sleep, and lock at startup. It shows local time, weather information, WiFi and battery status and also, of course, securely locks your screen while you leave your Mac untended.

Lock Screen Plus, along with some other screen animation apps from SquidMelon, allows the user community to submit unique themes to the app’s growing assortment of appearances. Thus there are 19 native themes in an expanding library. Each theme has its own unlock animation and password popup styles. All themes are totally free!

Lock Screen Plus is a Top #10 Mac App in 41 countries. It is available on the Mac App Store for only $0.99.