Rdio For iOS Updates With Some Beautiful Small Touches



Rdio — for my money, the best à la carte streaming music subscription service out there — just released a nice update to their iOS app, making it easier (and prettier) than ever to interact with your music.

The 2.1 update to Rdio for iOS features two main new additions (outside of a sexy new splash screen, that is): the addition of long press and badges.

The new long press feature allows you to more easily share, add to a playlist, or find out more information about a track or album.

The badges option is a similarly small touch, but it’s still impressive. One thing that could be a pain in the neck about Rdio before was that it was hard to tell which albums were in your collection or synced to your mobile device. Now, any album that falls in either category has a badge on the lower right of the album art.

Not earth-shaking changes, sure, but when an app is as good as Rdio’s is, these small improvements really add up over time.

Source: Rdio

Deals of the Day

  • drew5617

    Rdio > Spotify.

  • laug18

    I love Rdio but one thing that has been driving me crazy is that the items (songs) in a playlist are way too tall. In the new update it’s even worse, the items are so high that there’s only room for 4 items on the screen at a time (on an iPhone 5).
    On top of that it’s not easy to scroll, you have to flick for ever to get to the bottom of a playlist. Use some kind of custom scroller (like in the contacts app).

    If a Rdio engineer or product is reading this: please fix these 2 problems. It makes the app really painful to use.

  • lambaline

    safe mode xD. Also Rdio > Spotify