Nothing Fancy: Truly Ingenious Minimal iPhone Case And Wallet

To paraphrase the immortally wise words of Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel, how much more minimal could this iPhone case be? The answer is none. None more minimal: It’s nothing more than a piece of cleverly cut leather and a rubber band.

Nothing Fancy: Truly Ingenious Minimal iPhone Case And Wallet

The case is part of the Nothing Fancy range by designer Chieh, and it appears that you cannot buy it, No matter, as a little light scissor work and the sourcing of color-matched rubber bands shouldn’t be beyond any of us.

It’s worth watching the embedded video (the iPhone is last) to see just how clever are Chieh’s designs. The iPhone case is smart, with just a slot slashed into the shell for a single card (in this case a London Transport Oyster Card), but the billfold is downright ingenious. So ingenious that I plan on making one with whatever leather I can find in my apartment (I’m leaning towards strategically cutting a patch from my gimp costume, but it’s kind of a little stained).

In the meantime you could sign up for Chieh’s mailing list, and get notified when something is ready to buy.

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