VineGifR Turns Vines Into GIFS

VineGifR Turns Vines Into GIFS

I have a history of losing money when I bet on my own predictions, so if you’re smart you should probably ignore this one: Vine – Twitter’s video-sharing app – will wither and die. Animated GIFs, on the other hand, have already managed to outlive MySpace and GeoCities, so it’s a safe bet (even for me) that they’ll keep on keeping on.

Which is all a rather roundabout way of introducing VineGifR, a Mac app which will take your futureless Vines and GIF-ify them.

Esten H’s app is simple. You point it at a Vine and it turns it into a silent GIF, ready to be shared on your Tumblr. You can choose quality options, opting to keep the file under 2MB (with somewhat choppy results) or going for a smoother conversion at the expense of file size. In lieu of an actual screenshot or GIF of the results, I have simply put a picture of a cute animal at the top of this post, as that’s all that Vine (and by extension VineGifR) will ever be used for.

And why do I think that Vine will die off? Because who has time to watch a bunch of videos in a feed, even if they’re only six seconds long? Not me. Well, not unless it’s soft porn, anyway.

  • hanhothi

    Animated GIS’s have been around for many, many years. I often use them for short movie clips that I display in PowerPoint. They can easily be created in PhotoShop for example.

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