The LUMOback Sensor Can Help You Improve Your Posture [Macworld 2013]

The LUMOback Sensor Can Help You Improve Your Posture [Macworld 2013]


Keeping your posture in check likely isn’t something you often think about on a daily basis. With so many things going on everyday, you may not realize just how bad your posture is, though. That’s where the LUMOback sensor comes in.

The LUMOback is essentially a belt that you wear which detects exactly how you sit and stand throughout the day, and records the data to a companion iOS app. In addition, the sensor will vibrate to tell you if you’ve been sitting or standing poorly for too long.

While a device like this probably isn’t a must have for everyone, it can definitely be beneficial to your posture if you tend to sit or stand in a certain position for the majority of the day.

At $149, it’s not exactly a bargain, but if you’re looking to improve your posture, I can’t think of a better way. You can purchase the LUMOback here.


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