New iMac Orders Are Still Constrained And Causing Sales To Suffer

Being this thin comes at a cost.

The new iMac is still giving Apple problems.

Apple commented today on its poor Mac sales from this past holiday quarter. The company sold only 4.1 million Macs, missing Wall Street’s expectations and the previous quarter’s sales. Overall Mac sales are actually down 16% since this time last year. Ouch.

Tim Cook blamed the new iMac that Apple introduced in October 2012 for the poor performance. Supplies for the iMac were constrained overseas all quarter, and Apple didn’t start actually shipping orders until December. Shipping times have yet to reach normal estimates as Apple continues to catch up with demand.

The new iMac has an ultra-thin design and completely new display that is really difficult to make. Apple’s own innovation can occasionally be a thorn in its side.

  • dcj001

    I placed my order for a build-to-order iMac on 12/05/12. I received it forty days later. It is amazing quality, and it is very very fast.

  • joewaylo

    If only Samsung was still helping them, they’d meet the demands.

  • Koban4max

    If only Samsung was still helping them, they’d meet the demands.

    Uh.. last time that I checked..people were hating on samsung….were you one of them?

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