New RSS Feed

New RSS Feed

I made a some changes to the blog and the old RSS feed is no longer the best one to use. It’ll still work, but this one’s better:

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I probably should have explained this change in a bit more detail.

I’ve started posting mini-reviews of products I like as a sidebar — see right.

Trouble is, I was using the B2evolution tool incorrectly. B2evo allows you to publish multiple blogs in the same installation, or even on the same page.

I had been using a special “all” blog, which aggregates all the posts from all the blogs. The “all” blog is really for administration, not publishing, and by using it, all the sidebar posts show up in the main feed.

Hence, to keep them separate, I recommend readers switch to a new feed, which is restricted to posts in the main blog.

It’s not a big deal, but I’m planning to add a couple more sideblogs shortly. One of them will be a blogroll/linkblog, and it’ll pollute the old RSS feed with a bunch of inexplicable links to MacSurfer, MyAppleMenu and the like.


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