You Can Now Play Fruit Ninja On A Sheet Of Water Vapor And It’s Awesome [Video]



Fruit Ninja is one of the all-time greatest games from iOS. What’s not to like? You get to pretend that you’re a samurai in training who slices and dices his way through waterfalls of falling fruit. It’s simple and addictive.

Now there’s a new fancy device that will actually let you play Fruit Ninja in the real world. Well, almost the real world. At CES a Russian company named Displair was showing off their device that creates a vertical wall of water vapor that has a projector attached to display images and a built-in camera to sense user inputs.

What it amounts to is the most expensive game of Fruit Ninja ever created. Here’s a video of the device in action:

Hypothetically, you can do anything on the Displair that you could do on a touchscreen device. It costs about $10,000 per unit, so we doubt we’ll see any of these in the wild. You can also rent a Displair for $1000 a day and have it at your party.

Source: Huffington Post


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