Got A Spare Five Bucks? Grab FTL For Your Mac On Steam This Weekend

Got A Spare Five Bucks? Grab FTL For Your Mac On Steam This Weekend

We told you about FTL back when it came out back in September of 2012, added it to Day 9 of our Awesome 2012 Advent Calendar, and put it in uur Editor’s Picks For 2012’s Best iOS And Mac Games article. Can you tell we love this game?

That it’s a full 50% off again on Steam is icing on the cake, so we wanted to let you know where to spend that spare $4.99 you might be sitting on.

Really, FTL is worth the $10 regular retail price, but it’s simply a no brainer for half-off. You get to play starship captain in this “Spaceship simulation roguelike-like” game, micromanaging shields, engines, oxygen, navigation, jumps from system to system and the like.

FTL is gorgeously pixel-retro and bloopy chiptune joy wrapped around a seriously intense brain and multi-tasking challenge. I’m still unable to get super far in the game, and I keep it on Easy mode.

Head on over to Steam this weekend, starting now, and spend that five dollars on something that will keep you entertained at least as long as a movie, if not a lot longer.

  • MacGamerHQ

    I’m still surprised how such a simple looking game can be so addictive(I mean, it does look simple when you are used to playing Borderlands all the time!). I give FLT the “surprise of the year” award! I love it and it’s well worth the $10 it usually costs… Thanks for the tip Rob.


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