This is What it Must Feel Like to Be on LSD: Luvvitt’s New Mini iPad Keyboard [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – With seven groovy, psychedelic colors to switch between for backlighting, Luvvitt’s new Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover would no doubt have been Timothy Leary’s keyboard of choice — had iPad Minis, iPads or technology in general been around in the ’60s.

Apart from its wild backlighting and size, the iPad Mini version is very similar to the larger iPad version; the extremely light (the iPad model is probably the lightest accessory keyboard on the market, or close to it) keyboard sits on top of the Mini’s screen as a cover. A little stand flips up for the Mini to rest against when using the keyboard, and stays put with the help of a magnet.

The lettering on the keys is transparent, so whichever color is selected — red, green, aqua, yellow, violet, indigo, or…white? — will shine through, says Eli Altaras, the outfit’s CEO, even though it may have been too bright to see it when I checked out the cases.

No set pricing or availability yet, but expect it to be around the same as the current iPad case at $70.

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  • lambaline

    that looks so cool! might get one for my black + slate ipad mini

  • Whodakat

    Nope. Thats not what it feels like.

  • Allan Cook

    Doesn’t feel like that. At. All.

  • MrsCleaver

    It doesn’t feel like… I mean… whoa… that’s not… man, that’s a cool keyboard thing… wait… dude is that really… oh wow, the color!… I’m not… wait… put on some Dead.

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