The BlueAnt Ribbon Lets You Stream Bluetooth Audio To Almost Any Speaker [CES 2013]

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BlueAnt Wireless is showing off a tiny little device at CES this year called the Ribbon, which they claim can turn almost any speaker into a Bluetooth streaming device. BlueAnt describes three ideal use cases for the device, each providing different functionality.

First of all, the device can be used to clip onto your clothing in order to stream audio from your iPhone. The Ribbon comes with headphones which connect to a standard headphone jack on the device. The controls onboard the Ribbon give you access to media controls as well as Siri.

Secondly, the Ribbon can be plugged into your car using a an auxiliary cable to stream Bluetooth audio to your vehicle’s speaker system. This is handy because it lets you change tracks without the distraction of your iPhone while driving.

Finally, the Ribbon can be connected to any speaker with an aux jack, effectively turning it into a Bluetooth streamer. Once connected, you’ll be able to wirelessly control your audio from anywhere within the radius of your Bluetooth signal.

The Ribbon is available now from BlueAnt for $69.

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  • kevin13769

    SO this is EXACTLY the same as the Jabra Clipper, which has been available for ages, or did i miss something…???

  • copperbum

    I don’t understand why products are always more expensive to Australian customers, even though our dollar is greater than the US? It wasn’t too long ago when even apps in the appstore were $1.19 instead of $0.99.

  • seaaalex

    “SO this is EXACTLY the same as the Jabra Clipper, which has been available for ages, or did i miss something…???”

    Pretty much, plus the Jabra Clipper cost less then half of this thing…. There seems to be a whole range devices in this class but most of them cost less the $30.-

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