iPhone Covers Fashioned From Fire Hoses

What could be tougher than a fire hose? Nothing, that’s what – not even a dragon’s hide can beat out these woven polymer wonders. And it turns out that they are also pretty damn useful: when not being used to quench fires or give civil-rights protesters a jocular nudge, a firehose can be used to protect your iPhone.

These covers, from Station Supply Co., are cut from gen-you-wine ex-service firehoses, for even a water-spraying tube has to retire some time. The covers protect the least vulnerable part of the iPhone 5 (and the most vulnerable part of the iPhone 4/S) – the back panel. Cut to fit exactly, the 2mm thick panels are secured using a 3M adhesive.

You can pick a color, and you can say whether you want letters on there or not, but that’s it – due to the nature of the chopping-up-old-firehoses business, you get what you get.

I used to have a wallet made from an old German firehose, and it was indeed as tough as old, uh, Lederhosen (see what I did there?). But it was also extremely fat and heavy, so I ditched it. These cases, though, look ideal. Until you drop your iPhone on its edge or its screen I guess.

  • Robert X

    Duluth sells clothes made of firehose. Man those are some tough items to rip.

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