Latest Camera+ For iPad Update Brings New High Quality Photo Setting



Camera+ for iPad just got a brand new update that introduces a high quality setting for snapping — you guessed it — high quality photographs. It comes in addition to the two quality settings already offered by Camera+, and its creators warn that using it will cause your storage to get eaten up a whole lot quicker.

As you might expect, high quality photos are larger in size than lower quality photos. If you activate the new setting in Camera+ for iPad, then, expect photographs to eat up your device’s storage much quicker than they usually would under the normal setting. You can expect performance to take a hit, too — as the release notes explain:

Keep in mind that the higher quality doesn’t come for free… the price you have to pay is slower performance and larger photo sizes. So if your device if filled to the brim with photos, music, and apps, High Quality may not be the best choice for you (the actual best choice for you is probably to ask Santa for a newer device with more storage so you don’t have to keep deleting old things to make more room for new things)

With the new high quality setting in place, the old “full” setting is now called “normal,” while the low quality setting named “optimized” keeps the same name.

In addition to this, Tap Tap Tap has improved its recently added front flash feature. They did it because they “care that you get the best results when you’re sexting,” apparently.

You can download Camera+ for iPad version 1.2 from the App Store now using the source link below.

Source: App Store

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