This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Google Maps, 1Password 4, Flickr & More [Roundup]



So, it’s finally here — Google released an official Google Maps app for the iPhone, and we love it. Not only is it back with a brand new look, it also has new features, and of course, the accurate data we’ve all been missing since Apple released iOS 6. Also in our roundup is a brand new 1Password app from AgileBits, a new Flickr app from Yahoo!, and more.

Google Maps — iPhone (Free)

Google Maps is finally back on our iPhones. It’s accurate, it looks fantastic — even Google thinks it’s better than its Android app — and it’s free. It couldn’t get any better (although it could be iPad compatible). Google Maps offers all the features we grew attached to prior to iOS 6, including Street View, transit directions, and more — plus new features, like Google’s own voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation service, and live traffic information.

Needless to say if you’ve been having trouble with Apple’s built-in Maps app since iOS 6, you’ll want to make Google Maps the next thing you download from the App Store — if you didn’t snap it up on day one already. And even if you haven’t had trouble with Apple’s service, it might be a good idea to grab this for when you do.

1Password 4 — Universal ($7.99)

I’ve been relying on AgileBits’ 1Password app for as long as I can remember; in fact, I’ve become so reliant on it I’d struggle without it now. For those who’ve never heard of it, 1Password is a great tool for storing personal information you don’t want to forget — and always want with you.

You can use it to keep track of bank account details, credit card information, driver’s license and identity card information, email addresses and passwords, login credentials for online services, passport numbers, and much, much more.

Throw all of your information into 1Password on your iOS device and you’ll never be able to forget it. What’s more, it’ll be with you wherever you go, because 1Password syncs all of your data between your Mac and iOS devices.

As you’d expect, 1Password is password protected, so even if your device gets lost or stolen, your personal data cannot be compromised.

Flickr — iPhone (Free)

Yahoo! updated its Flickr app for iPhone this week in an effort to make it a little bit more like Instagram. In addition to a fancy new user interface, the brand new Flickr app offers 16 awesome filters that can be applied to your photos before you upload them. It also offers full Yahoo! Groups capabilities, the ability to explore interesting photos from around the world and nearby, and lots more.

Strum — Universal (Free)

Strum is the latest iOS app from Smule, the developers behind popular titles like Ocarina, Magic Piano, Magic Guitar, and my favorite, I Am T-Pain. Strum promise to turn your life into a music video. With “the tap of your finger,” you can “transform simple videos into beautiful vignettes, viral vids, or touching holiday greetings that your friends and family will love.

It features advanced audio filters that automatically compose music to match your video, plus more than 20 different visual and audio styles, from simple background melodies to “outrageous” remixes. All you have to do is record a 15-second video clip and let Strum do its work — you’ll be blown away by its results. Check out Strum in action in the video above.

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas — Universal (Free)

Apple’s free 12 Days of Christmas app should be installed on every iOS device going into the holiday season. If you’re not familiar with it from previous years, it’s a festive promotion that sees Apple give away one free gift every day for 12 days after Christmas.

The gift could be an app, a game, a book, a video, or a TV show — but you won’t know until the day. You don’t have to have each one, of course, but there should be at least a few gifts that take your fancy. If you’re getting your first iOS device for Christmas, this is a great way to get some new content on it without spending a penny.

What’s Your Favorite?

So that concludes our list of this week’s must-have iOS apps. If you’ve picked up something that you think we should have included, be sure to let us know about it in the comments.

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  • cybercharlie

    12 Days of Christmas app does not exist in the App Store and the link points to the Flickr app. Pay more attention to your articles then how many ads you cram in a single page.

  • technochick

    12 Days of Christmas app does not exist in the App Store

    It exists, just not in the US. Which is a fair comment (that writers should verify and clarify restricted apps)

  • technochick

    ‘and of course, the accurate data we’ve all been missing since Apple released iOS 6’

    WE’VE ALL? There’s that hyperbole at wok. No we all have not. Some of us knew how to go to safari and go to google maps that way on occasions where we wanted to verify data.

  • doasis1976

    Pay more attention to your articles then how many ads you cram in a single page.

    I just turned off my adblocker to view the page after your comment. Holy crap that is a lot of ads.

    On a side note i wish cult of mac would do something about the way their news articles display on google reader. It displays the whole story and is really convenient to scroll past the whole thing.

  • DeandreJ

    Great recommendations. Learned also about the appealing 50% price cut for the new password management app’s launch but I find SplashData’s SplashID Safe enjoyable and convenient to use with its pattern lock master key. I shall also need to compare the record keeping capabilities of both.