Day One, Deus Ex Win Apple’s Awards For Best Mac App & Game Of 2012



Just as they did yesterday with the iOS App Store0, Apple today has launched their Best of 2012 awards for the Mac App Store… and this time, the clear winners are actually clear winners instead of head-scratching WTFs.

According to Apple, the best app of the year was Day One, the fantastic Mac and iOS journaling app. I completely love Day One, which has really helped me turn around the way I process certain things and brainstorm: Day One’s merit is well worth acknowledging. The runner-up was CameraBag 2.

Likewise, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fantastic cyberpunk game, well worth the accolades. The runner up was Splice: Tree of Life.

Apple’s other winners are similarly excellent. Tweetbot warranted a mention, as did Clear, Things, Coda, Lightroom, Pocket, Snapseed and other beloved apps.

Excellent choices, I think. There’s sure to be some great apps overlooked, and we can debate their placement until we’re breathless, but all of these apps to my eyes at least deserve to be here.

Source: Mac App Store

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  • CharilaosMulder

    Wait a minute, last years winners were no head-scratching WTFs by any means. Pixelmator still is the king of well designed, full featured and OSX native apps. DJay, Civilization V and Anomaly are no WTFs either.