Have Your Say: What Was The Best New iOS App Of 2012?

Have Your Say: What Was The Best New iOS App Of 2012?

So many to choose from … but what floated your boat?

It’s that time of year again, time to look back at a year of new apps and highlight the ones we liked the most.

So we’d like some help from you, gorgeous Cult of Mac readers – who are all looking particularly good today, might I add? We need to draw up a shortlist of candidates, apps that made a splash on your home screens during the last 12 months.

Which ones delighted you? Which ones entertained you? Which ones left you giggling like a little kid? What about the free apps you wished you could pay for? Or the paid-for apps that you thought were ridiculously cheap? Which were the apps you rushed to tell your friends about, because you were so excited?

Help us out – post your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Next week we’ll round up your suggestions, mix in a few of our own, and run a poll in which you can vote and decide the winner.

Thanks folks! We’re looking forward to seeing your recommendations.

  • yourgeekneeds

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • FriarNurgle

    Apple Maps.

  • 0573


  • lakerice


  • WilsonTheCat


  • geeklibrarian

    Paper by FiftyThree

  • gettysburg11s

    This is an easy choice. Its a tie between the current version of The Weather Channel Max and the newly introduced Google Maps.

  • turtleguyy

    Clear & Fantastical are absolutely wonderful. The recent Twitterific and Rdio updates have also made them deserve a spot in the running.

  • baby_Twitty

    Best app = Flipboard.

    Best game = Sky Gamblers : Storm Raiders.

  • Mohy

    Flipboard & Any.DO

  • coolman1081

    Waking Mars

  • harmonichealer

    Audiobus. Audiobus. Audiobus.

  • ankitvp

    Paper by FiftyThree

  • ArrrnBoyle

    Zombie Tsunami !!

  • methi1999

    Day One! Never forgot to write my day experience since August!

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