Flickr Takes On Instagram With Brand New iPhone App That Offers 16 Filters & More


Looks snazzy.

After rolling out a redesigned Yahoo! Mail on Tuesday, Yahoo! has launched a brand new Flickr app for iPhone this morning that appears to be going head to head with Instagram. It’s a completely redesign of the previous version, and it promises to be easier to use and more beautiful. It also offers new features, including 16 filters for your photographs.

That’s right; for the first time, you can use Flickr for iPhone to apply pretty effects to your photos before uploading them. This version (2.00.762) includes 16 filters in total — all of which are named after animals — including panda, mammoth, ocelot, chameleon, wallaby, iguana, and aardvark.

In addition to filters, the update introduces full Groups capabilities, which was previously only available through the service’s website. It also offers many other user interface improvements, which are well worth checking out if you’re a Flickr user.

Unfortunately, like Yahoo!’s mail app, there’s still no iPad version for some reason.

You can get the latest version of Flickr for your iPhone by hitting the source link below.

Source: App Store


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  • Cgs101

    Beautiful! Now if they could also enhance the website!