T-Mobile Is Finally Getting The iPhone!

T-Mobile Is Finally Getting The iPhone!

As the only major carrier in the U.S. to not offer the iPhone, T-Mobile has been suffering lately as their customers have fled to other carriers to get an iPhone. Deutsche Telecom announced today that T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to their network.

Don’t rush to the Apple Store to pick up your T-Mobile iPhone just yet though. T-Mobile say they won’t be selling Apple products in the U.S. until 2013. T-Mobile plans to roll out significant investments in their broadband LTE infrastructure in the U.S. between 2013 and 2020.

At this time it’s unclear which Apple products T-Mobile will sell but we assume that it will be offer the iPhone and probably the iPad as well.

Last week we heard rumors that T-Mobile would be getting the iPhone sometime this week after speculation heightened on the deal thanks to T-Mobile improving their iPhone-compatible HSPA+ network in 10 metropolitan areas.

Forming a deal with T-Mobile now gives Apple access to 98% of the U.S. post-paid market. Analysts believe T-Mobile will sell about 4 million iPhones in 2013.

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