iOS Gamers: Modern Combat 4 Is Ready To Wow You


Zero Hour looks incredible.
Zero Hour looks incredible.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, the latest addition to Gameloft’s awesome first-person shooter series, has arrived on iOS in a bid to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. It promises to be “the most memorable action thriller ever,” boasting an intense solo campaign and a completely redesigned multiplayer mode. What’s more, its console-quality graphics look incredible on Retina display devices.

Zero Hour’s campaign takes place in the wake of a nuclear disaster, and you play one of a few elite soldiers who have been tasked with saving the world from complete devastation. You must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a terrorist group in missions that will take you from Antarctica to Barcelona.

Once you’ve finished with that, you can dive into Zero Hour’s new online multiplayer, which will throw you into 6v6 battles with all kinds of game modes. There’s an improved loadout system with over 20,000 weapon arrangements, and a new specialization system with redesigned skills.

Zero Hour is the first title powered by Gameloft’s new Havok Engine, which claims to offer “amazing ragdoll effects and the most realistic-feeling vehicles ever.” Couple that with the incredible sound and cutting-edge graphics and you have the best first-person shooter to hit the App Store to date.

The title’s priced at $6.99, and it’s a universal app that’s compatible with both iPhone and iPad; you can find it via the source link below. For those who are wondering, Gameloft says Zero Hour is coming to Android “shortly.”

Source: App Store

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