‘Five’-Lens Turret Case Turns iPhone 5 Into A Photo-Shooting Tank

This spinning, five-lens-bayonet case for the iPhone 5 looks fantastic, but it’s hard to get past both a) the price ($140, or HK$1,080) and b) the name (TurtleJacket PentaEye!)

Still, it’s billed as a tool for the “serious iPhoneographer,” so let’s take a look.

The aluminum case has two sets of strap mounts and a pair of tripod mounts, but clearly the main draw id the five-lens dial. Except it appears to be little more than a four-lens dial with an extra hole for letting you shoot through the iPhone’s naked lens.

The lenses are a wideangle, a fisheye, a macro and a telephoto. As the Olloclip has three of these already, all you’re getting is the telephoto which – at a pedestrian 1.5x magnification – might not be worth the extra.

Still, it looks cool, and will certainly protect the iPhone within. But more and more I wonder about the utility of these things – after all, if you;re going to go to the trouble of schlepping this extra gear, why not just grab your camera instead?

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