Ending Tonight! Get Parallels 8 Plus Four More Apps for $59 [Deals]

Ending Tonight! Get Parallels 8 Plus Four More Apps for $59 [Deals]

Our Macs are pretty amazing machines on their own. The handle almost anything we throw at them with grace, elegance, and power. But there are some things it just can’t do out of the box. (Like run Windows, for example.)

The Mac Utility Bundle is one of our recent Cult of Mac Deals offers that adds a whole new layer – and level – of utility to your Mac…and at a fraction of what it would usually cost. We’re talking only $59.99 for 5 tremendously useful applications – which is a whopping 75% off the regular price!

Here’s what’s included in The Mac Utility Bundle (Note: Regular pricing for each application is in parentheses):

  • Parallels Desktop 8: The #1 Rated Utility to Run Windows on Your Mac ($80.00)
  • Snagit for Mac: Record Screen Videos, Enhance Your Images, & Share to More Destinations w/ the Ultimate Screen Capture Tool ($50.00)
  • VirusBarrier X6: Protect your Mac from Network Threats, Viruses, Trojan Horses & All Other Malware ($50.00)
  • MacOptimizer: An Incredibly Fast & Efficient Disk Utility to Help You Clean, Repair & Organize your Mac ($29.00)
  • Rubbernet: Keep an Eye on All Network-Enabled Apps Running on Your Mac to Speed it Up ($36.00)

This kind of deal combines resourcefulness on two fronts: the applications themselves provide you with invaluable resources and the price isn’t going to put a strain on your financial resources.

But this deal’s day is almost done. Time to get The Mac Utility Bundle is fading fast, so grab it while you can and get the most out of your Mac starting today!

Ending Tonight! Get Parallels 8 Plus Four More Apps for $59 [Deals]

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