These Developers Live Together To Create The Ultimate Co Op Game

These Developers Live Together To Create The Ultimate Co Op Game

BetaDwarf definitely walks the walk, instead of just talking the talk. In their Kickstarter video, the indie developer team from Copenhagen, Denmark talk about how sleeping over at the university while learning game development got a bit silly, so they all moved out of their apartments and into a house to finish development on their game, Forced, which will play like a cooperative version of Diablo crossed with Left 4 Dead, according to the developers.

The guys worked and worked on their game, which if funded will be coming soon for Mac, Windows, Linux, Xbox360, PS3 and Ouya. Then they realized they needed some money to finish, so that they could pay, like rent and stuff. The idea for a Kickstarter campaign was born.

BetaDwarf is asking for a meare $40,000, and they’re already at $39,058 with four days left in the funding round. They want to stay indie, and focused on this specific game, which is why they’re asking for help.

FORCED is a fast-paced cooperative arena combat game. In it, you work together with your friends to succeed in ever more dangerous trials over a diverse set of arenas. As your team racks up victories, you’ll get to level up and customize your skills with the 4 different weapons. If you enjoy fast-paced combat, skill experimentation, and game systems that promote teamwork, then FORCED might be the game for you.

Forced looks a lot like the top-down style of combat in Diablo, with some great two, three, and four player cooperative modes. You see, the team didn’t want to create just another game where the difficulty is raised by an algorithm when a new party member joins in. As they explain in the video, the team has manually tweaked every part of the experience separately, to finely tune the game differently for different numbers of players.

These Developers Live Together To Create The Ultimate Co Op Game

To further intensify the cooperative spirit, they created, well, a spirit. All players in a particular party can use the Spirit Mentor orb as they go, creating new cooperative strategies on the fly.

Forced seems like a really innovative game, and if you’re interested in learning more, or contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, head over there now.

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