Tokens Makes Managing App Store Promo Codes A Breeze For iOS And OS X Developers


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For developers, distributing promo codes can be a pain in the neck. Apple gives its third-party devs the ability to share an app with a limited number of users—a feature that is often used to give bloggers like myself early access to software before it comes out. That way we can test and get familiar with a certain app in order to provide helpful feedback and possibly write a review.

A new Mac app called Tokens offers developers a drastically improved method for generating and distributing their app promo codes.

Without Tokens, devs have to login to iTunes Connect, request codes that can be redeemed by Apple in the App Store, and save them to then send out manually.

Tokens makes the process way more simpler. Devs can generate codes with one click inside the app.

Individual codes can be named for different bloggers or giveaway winners. Tokens integrates with Mountain Lion’s sharing features to let a dev easily send codes out via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The app generates special links that can be sent with download instructions.

“For free, you can generate, share and track as many promo codes as you like for one app,” according to the developers of Tokens. “If you want to use Tokens with all of your apps, you can to upgrade to the paid version for just $29.”

A corporate license is being offered this week only for $99. The price will then go up to $199.

If you develop apps for either of Apple’s App Stores, then you’re going to want Tokens. Check it out on the app’s website. There’s also a handy FAQ to help answer your questions.

Source: Tokens

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