Drift HD Ghost Looks Like One of The Most Fully-Loaded Action Cams We’ve Seen

Drift HD Ghost Looks Like One of The Most Fully-Loaded Action Cams We’ve Seen

Unlike some of the other newcomers to the quickly growing action-cam party (Sony, we’re looking at you), Drift has been making robust little video cameras for a while now. Their latest incarnation is the 1080p Drift HD Ghost, which looks like it’s been packaged with everything but the kitchen sink — including a large built-in screen and a wearable remote.

The screen, an optional item on most action cams, if offered at all, is two inches across and protected by Gorilla Glass. The remote is fairly interesting too; it’s a wearable unit with a LED status indicator that lights up when the cam is recording.

Then there’s also the “Drift Flashback” function that’ll let the cam “save a recorded event up to five minutes after it happens and will save the clip only if the user choose to tag it.” Which means you won’t have to record hours of footage just to get three minutes of the good stuff.

Of course, the Drift HD Ghost is also waterproof to nine feet, and Drift says the cam’s 1700 mAh has the longest battery life of any action cam on the market. The only thing missing? You can’t use your iPhone as a remote screen for framing. EDIT: Drift says iOS and Android apps for remote viewing coming soon.

The Drift HD Ghost will ship on November 19 for $399. Here’s a clip of the thing in action.

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