Make And Share Retrotastic Polaroid-Styled Photos With Polatax

Make And Share Retrotastic Polaroid-Styled Photos With Polatax

If you’re looking for that retro-nostalgic Polaroid-style experience from your iPhone, you could wait till March of next year and purchase one of those fancy soon-to-be-in-production Instagram Socialmatic cameras. That’s if they actually come to fruition.

Or, you could try out Polatax, an unfortunately named photo filter app that builds itself around the concept of Polaroid-like photos.

With Polatax, you can take photos with your iPhone camera, apply effects, and then create an old-school polaroid print effect, complete with writing on the wide strip on the bottom via Polatax’s captioning system, and then share them on your favorite social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Not too surprisingly, sharing to Instagram isn’t an option.

The captions can be styled using a ton of different fonts, all downloadable from within the app for no charge. There are several free image filters included, plus some in-app effect packs that you can also buy for $0.99 each. You can also just adjust the contrast, saturation and brightness manually, if you like, and use the auto-enhance, Redeye, or Blemish tools to spiff up your image.

You can choose the type of photo border even before you take a photo, choosing the color of the Polaroid-type border in both grey and aged-tan varieties. Polatax lets you use images from your Photo Roll as well. Sharing is managed with a quick tap to the Share button, and then a login to your social networking site of choice.

Polatax is available in the iTunes App Store now, for $2.99.

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