Quick Route Beats Maps App In Every Way

Quick Route is my new favorite routing app, not least because it’s so bike and pedestrian friendly (regular readers will know how I feel about those death boxes they call “cars.”) It’s optimized for the iPhone 5, it exhibits the level of design and polish you’d expect from a developer who also works for Panic, and it has a unique and neat way to pick your origin and destination.

The app uses Google’s data, so you can actually find where you want to go — you can even search on terms like “sushi” and the results appear on the map.

Talking of maps, the app uses Apple’s tiles in iOS 6, and is split into two sections which expand when you need them. The top one is the origin, the bottom the destination. You only ever see one, but their search bars are persistent so you can quickly access them. Searching is done via text search, or hitting the crosshairs to find your current position, or by picking from your address book.

Re-routing can be done at any time, and you can pick walking, transit, bike or car as a method of travel. The app also ties in to the Maps app’s transit function, so if you find yourself in the maps app and you need more accurate results, you can quickly send your search to Quick Route.

I love it. The app is fast, good-looking and very easy to use. Plus it’s only $5, which means you should probably just go buy it now.

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  • s_ellerington

    Nokia Maps is excellent for walking directions around London. Nokia Maps is free which makes Quick Maps look expensive at £2.99.

  • kavok

    Yes yes we get it. Apple’s Map app sucks. Google is the map god. Can this dead horse be beaten into hamburger already? Time to move on to the next scandal please. Thank you.

  • hanhothi

    Yes yes we get it. Apple’s Map app sucks. Google is the map god. Can this dead horse be beaten into hamburger already? Time to move on to the next scandal please. Thank you.

    This was not about bashing Maps, it was about an alternative app to overcome the recognised (by Apple) limitations of Maps. I am not going to upgrade to iOS6 until this problem is sorted, I am waiting for the Google Maps App first.

  • curlybeard

    I’ve been using quick route for a couple of days and now getting the hang of it. One simple feature missing is the simple ability to just have full screen with the route mapped out ( without the turn by turn instructions taking up so much space.) otherwise, the application is perfect. Obviously it is not possible to integrate it the way google maps was on ios5.

    As for flogging a dead horse, it deserves to be resuscitated and water boarded for messing with the perfect functionality my iPhone 4s HAD previous to the so called upgrade. For me, this is the first time in 13 years of using Mac stuff that an upgrade has so thoroughly and completely diminished user experience. The last similar experience is when exposé was upgraded to the insane system I still can’t understand thoroughly but it is not central to the user experience. This map issue is massive because core integrationed is ruined. I’m using urbanspoon, or contacts, or an address link from safari, and I’m taken to apple maps which had proven to be completely unreliable here in Melbourne Australia. If there were a piece of hardware comparative to the iPhone, I’d switch in a heartbeat on principle.

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