Borderlands Legends Is Now Available to Purchase On iOS, But Is It Worth It?


It's finally here, but it wasn't worth the wait.
It's finally here, but it wasn't worth the wait.

Earlier this month, we learned Borderlands was finally going to make the leap to iOS in a new title called Borderlands Legends. We immediately thought it would be a first-person shooter — like the original console games — but we were wrong.

Instead, it’s a top-down action RPG that allows you to play randomized missions as your favorite Borderlands characters. It’s available to download now on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but according to the initial reviews, it may not be worth your hard-earned cash.

Specifically designed for touchscreen mobiles and tablets, Borderlands Legends lets you play as Mordecai, Lilith, Brick, and Roland for the first time ever on a mobile device. You take on waves of enemies using “thousands” of different weapons across a series of randomized missions.

Collect in-game cash and experience points for the enemies you destroy, which you can use to buy new weapons and level up your character with new skills and abilities.

Before you jump over to the App Store, however, be sure to check out some of the reviews for Borderlands Legends. I’m yet to try it out myself, but I haven’t exactly heard great things about this game.

TouchArcade calls it a “sloppy, unimaginative game that isn’t ready for primetime,” while Pocket Gamer says it “comes across as a half-hearted promotional tool for the main Borderlands franchise.” Slide to Play says “Borderlands Legends hovers just below average,” and that “it doesn’t add any of the flash and dazzle you’d expect from such the series.”

It’s not cheap, either: You’ll pay $4.99 for the iPhone version, plus $6.99 for the iPad version — it’s not a universal app.

If you’re a massive Borderlands fan, that’s unlikely to dissuade you from checking out this game yourself. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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