iPhone 5 Gets Regulatory Approval On Its Way To China

iPhone 5 Gets Regulatory Approval On Its Way To China

It’s coming, China.

In December, Apple will launch the iPhone 5 in December, the world’s largest mobile market. Before it can do that, however, the handset needs regulatory approval. Two devices have just been given the go-ahead by China’s State Radio Management, one of which is destined for China Unicom and China Mobile, which the other is headed to China Telecom.

One handset, with the A1429 model number, is expected to support China Unicom’s 3G network, and China Mobile’s 2G network. The other, with the A1442 model number, is likely to support China Telecom’s CDMA network. China Telecom and China Unicom already offer the iPhone on contract, so it seems certain both will also be offering the latest version of the device.

iPhone 5 Gets Regulatory Approval On Its Way To China

Apple’s new smartphone has already received its China Compulsory Certificate — the other piece of approval it need before it can go on sale in China. And so December’s launch looks like it’s all ready to go, providing Apple’s supply constraints don’t get in the way, of course.

China is a massive market for Apple, and Tim Cook plans to put a lot of focus into it going forward. The company has opened two retail stores there over the past month, and China accounted for 15% ($23.8 billion) of the company’s revenue for the last fiscal year.

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