Create Fun & Scary Halloween Movies On-The-Go With Game Your Video [Sponsored Post]



Game Your Video ($0.99 on the App Store till Nov 4th) by Global Delight Technologies is a clever and fun video editing and effects app for iPhone. Add screams, slowmotion, even uncanny backwards motion. It’s as easy as mashing the buttons on a virtual game controller.

Simply import your home videos on your device and they are ready to edit and spice up with a range of in-app visual and sound effects — on the go. Game Your Video is just perfect for making scary and fun home movies for the Halloween season… and you could win a $50 iTunes Gift Card.

Game Your Video allows you to edit and apply a whole load of fun and creepy effects to your videos live. The app uses a gaming console to control the video playback and effects. You just press the virtual buttons to add aural and visual effects onto your home movies as you watch them, in real time.

First, flavor your video with a spooky graphics filter — choose from horror, dark and haunted, 8mm, old camera, psychedelic, among others. Then, as you watch, you can add a pile of effects, such as slow down the action, speed it up, zoom, jitter, shake the camera, widen the lens — even play it backwards. The editing function allows you to cut your videos and even splice different videos together.

Sounds can be added from a suite of in-app eerie background airs and noises: there’s music, whispers, screams and bumps, or you can incorporate a customized soundtrack from your iTunes library.

And when you’re ready, click to share your macabre spine-chiller instantly on FaceBook or YouTube.

This app is not all doom and gloom — there are also options to convert your videos to comedy and action movies.

There are so many fun and surprising ways you can alter and enhance your videos with this simple and well-designed app. Hurry now — the price has been slashed in half for Halloween! Till Nov 4th, there’s a chance to win a $50 iTunes Gift Card in Game Your Video’s Halloween Spooktacular Video Contest.

This Halloween, convert your ordinary home movies into spine-chilling horror films….