You Can Make Your Own iPhone 5 Lightning Dock For $20 With This Lego Set

You Can Make Your Own iPhone 5 Lightning Dock For $20 With This Lego Set

It doesn’t look like Apple is going to be making its own dock for the iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector. You could go the third-party route and order something like this unofficial Lightning Dock from TLD, or you could get creative and use Legos.

There’s a 42-peice Lego set available online that’s specifically designed to create a minimalistic dock for the iPhone 5, and it looks awesome.

Once constructed, the dock is tilted at a slight angle for an easy viewing angle, and there’s even grills in the design to accommodate the iPhone 5’s speaker. Internal Lego clips hold Apple’s Lightning sync cable in place, and the latch-less design of Apple’s new dock connector means that you can easily pull the device out of the dock with one hand.

Instructions for creating this dock are available online for free, but you’ll need to order the Lego set from The Daily Brick. One set of 42 pieces costs £11.95, which translates to about $19. Kits come in black and white and are currently on backorder, meaning they won’t ship for a couple weeks.

You Can Make Your Own iPhone 5 Lightning Dock For $20 With This Lego Set

  • mr_bee

    looks precarious.

  • BigLama

    looks precarious.

    I agree. i wonder why the dock is built up so high. Perhaps if they added a lego or 2 on each side it would look a bit more stable.

    Im sure that a lego fanatic would be able to build something similar to this cheaper.

  • ozmars

    My kids downloaded the instructions and made one out of their copious Star Wars Lego collection. It balances nicely. I think the height is to allow for the cable to bend so the adapter is pointing straight up and not pushing forward.

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