Spend Nine Minutes With This New Sim City Gameplay Strategy Video, Discover Endless Choices

Spend Nine Minutes With This New Sim City Gameplay Strategy Video, Discover Endless Choices

EA has released a new, nine minute strategy and gameplay video to YouTube, with a voiceover by producer Stone Librande. Watch as he discusses his strategy for creating a casino city from the ground up. He spends time showing off the incredible graphics and fine-grain control the series is known for.

The video description says that SimCity is about endless choices, and the little preview Librande gives here offers just a hint of how crazy big this game can be.

Ultimately you can do whatever you want, focus on growing your population, increasing wealth or even build a city that looks like your hometown. Whatever your motivation, you have to the power to experiment with a number of different strategies.

How you choose to play will influence your city, the neighbouring cities and the lives of all the Sims across the region.

In listening to the narration, it seems like this will be SimCity as it always has been, about building from the underground up, micro managing thousands of details and macro managing a thousand patterns and influencing factors. It will be interesting to see how the advancement in technology and computing power will influence the game, and how it will differ from SimCity 4, which was released in 2003.

Sim City is expected to release for Mac in March of next year, and will be available at outlets like the Mac Game Store for $60, which is typically the price of high-end, triple-A games these days.

  • Paul Applegate

    EA has stated that they plan to release the Mac version at the same the PC version launches Feb 2013 not in March.

  • Cortney Sauk

    I love the fact that everything follows the roads (electricity, water and sewage)

  • bdkennedy

    Apple should hire the developers for their Maps app.

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