These Spectacularly Cool, Cheap iPhone Halloween Shirts Are Guaranteed to Freak Everyone The *&#@ Out

These Spectacularly Cool, Cheap iPhone Halloween Shirts Are Guaranteed to Freak Everyone The *&#@ Out

The rocket scientist (yup, he kinda really is) behind last year’s dual-iPad Halloween trick is back at it again. Only this time, having the best Halloween costume in the neighborhood won’t require two iPads — just an iPhone (or Android phone), a special t-shirt and some duct tape. And the results are really, really cool.

Mark Rober, an engineer who worked on the Mars Curiosity rover (see, told you), has created special t-shirts that work with a free app he designed to create wearable special effects, like a zombie with an animated beating heart or just-eaten flies that glow through a frog’s stomach as they flit around.

The shirts sell for $24 at Mark’s digitaldudz.zom website; all you’ll need to add is the free app, an iPhone and some duct tape — four strips should just about do it, according to Mark’s helpful how-to video.

There are some tees, like this sinister snake, that require two iPhones; and a few extra effects that can be bought for a buck, like the cross-eyed “derp” effect on the Romney and Obama tees. Some of the effects can even be switched on/off via the Apple earphones, or any earphone with a control button (though Mark says this won’t work on the Android version).

If you want to go hardcore, there’s also the iWound, a latex gash with a pocket for an iPhone or Android phone to display gore. It’s about $10 more, and it’ll take a little more creativity, but it may be worth it — check out those kids’ faces in the video.

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