The Secret To Not Sucking On Instagram [Video]



It’s pretty much an open secret that I can’t stand Twitter, and about the only thing I really like about Facebook is photo sharing, so I really love Instagram. In many ways, it’s against my better instincts, since I’ve always hated the romanticizing of Polaroid and other low-grade cameras of the 1970s by millennial hipsters… a romanticizing Instagram is pretty much built around.

But Instagram’s a lot more than that, and I think this video by Casey Neistat nicely illustrates why: regardless of what filters you use, Instagram is about sharing your life openly, honestly and without being disingenuous. While Twitter is all bluster and sanctimony, and Facebook is all mindless affirmation, Instagram at its best is about sharing the essence of your life.

There are also some great tips in Casey’s video on how to not be an annoying jackass on Instagram, so that helps too. If you love Instagram, check it out.

Via: Laughing Squid

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  • Cortney Sauk

    I’ve never bothered with Instagram, but I may actually try it now… (I’m a photographer with a REAL camera)

    This video really kinda spelled it out for me when he likened it to making a story of your life with photos.

    Thanks John for sharing this video!