New iPad Case from Rokform Has More Mounting Options than The Kama Sutra

New iPad Case from Rokform Has More Mounting Options than The Kama Sutra

We’ve seen how fanatical the people at Rokform — an offshoot of Southern California-based motorcycle aftermarket outfit Two Brothers Racing — is about building the ultimate device case; back in 2011 we tested their aluminum Rokbed iPhone case and came away with the impression it was a hyper-engineered beauty.

For their new Roklock v3 iPad case, they’ve ditched the alloy in favor of polycarbonate and added more mounting options than…well, you read the headline.

The $69 iPad 2 / New iPad case comes with Rokform’s Remote Mounting System (or RMS), their modular mounting system that debuted earlier this year on their iPhone 4/S cases which allows their cases to be mounted on car dashboards, bicycle handlebars, etc. But the new Roklock iPad case also comes with six recessed slots that accommodate a set of non-slip rubber inserts to keep the iPad from slipping off a smooth surface, and can also accept a set of six rare-earth magnets to keep the iPad firmly attached to a fridge door, or similar. Be prepared to significantly increase outlay for the magnets though — the set sells for $29, turning the $69 case into an $88 $98 case. Ouch.

  • seelee

    Great headline!

  • Greg

    Best headline I’ve ever read.

  • calcp

    Agree that the price with magnets is an ouch. Just need to carry the ten in the addition… $98 case.

  • elimilchman

    Thanks for the catch, calcp. Unfortunately, most of our proofreading is done by fill-in NFL referees.

  • ChanLi

    ugly as hell

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