Street Fighter X Tekken Brings Online Multiplayer Brawling To iOS



Street Fighter and Tekken are ready to go head-to-head on iOS in this “never-before-dreamed-of-crossover battle,” Street Fighter X Tekken. Now available to download from the App Store, the game brings online multiplayer brawling to iOS with 3D visuals optimized for your Retina display.

The game boasts multiple game modes, including classic one-on-one brawls, 2 vs. 2 tag team battles, and an entirely new system called Gem Roulette, which is exclusive to iOS. But the best game mode is arguably the ranked multiplayer over Wi-Fi, which lets you battle against random people from all over the world.

The title brings all of your favorite Street Fighter and Tekken characters into one place, and if you’re a fan of classic arcade fighters, you should certainly be checking it out. Right after you’ve downloaded Rayman Jungle Run, of course.

Source: App Store

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