iPhone 5’s Logic Board Shows A6 Processor & LTE Chips

iPhone 5’s Logic Board Shows A6 Processor & LTE Chips

A6 incoming.

You don’t need to watch the Apple keynote — you already know there’s a new iPhone coming, it’ll be called the “iPhone 5,” and will be accompanied by a new iPod touch and a new version of iTunes. You also know now that the device will be packing an A6 processor and LTE connectivity, thanks to the latest pictures of its logic board.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an A6 processor, but the last time it appeared the images were suspected to be fakes. This time around we have no doubts that the images are genuine. Obtained by HDblog.it, they also show the iPhone 5’s new nano-SIM slot, and a number of other chips, one of which the MDM9615M modem that will provide the device with super speedy LTE connectivity.

If you look hard enough, you’ll also spot flash memory from Hynix (not Samsung!), and chips from Avago, Murata, and Skyworks, all providing things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, gyroscope, accelerometer, and more.

While we’ve been confident the iPhone 5 will get a bigger display, LTE connectivity, a new dock connector, and a thinner form factor, its processor has always been the subject of debate. Logic boards have appeared before, but without chips, and sources have provided little information the device’s internal components.

  • Marc Negron

    Great. I am unimpressed unimpressed and it’s all thanks to the leakers that post stuff.

  • ddevito

    Android is better

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