Enable Live Traffic Colors In Maps On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]

Enable Live Traffic Colors In Maps On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]
While this tip may be moot once iOS 6 happens, it’s still available to you right now.

When you’re in a big city trying to drive somewhere, the route you may choose will vary depending on traffic conditions. There are a ton of third-party apps out there that can help figure out traffic, but why not just use one that’s already on your iPhone? Maps will do the job, and all it takes is a little tap.

Launch Maps, and look to the lower right. Tap on the little curled-up icon in the lower right, and then tap the Show Traffic button. Tap the curled-up symbol again, and you’ll go back to the Map.

Red, green and yellow lines will now appear on your map. Red means traffic is stopped with high levels of congestion. Yellow means there’s traffic, but things are kind of moving. Green means low amounts of traffic and that things are moving well. Pretty slick, huh?

Now, choose a destination and get your driving directions. You’ll be able to choose the route that best avoids the red lines, and optimizes your time on the green lines. Of course, sometimes you’ll just have to tough it out, but this is a nice addition to the Maps app.

And, like I usually try to imply, but will just say it here – not everyone knows about these tips. If you do, fantastic! If not, I hope the simpler ones help you out.

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  • SupaMac

    This tip is more obvious, but the ability to enable Google’s Street View by tapping on the guy encircled in orange is one that passed by me for many moons.

  • IgalSc

    Install Waze and get around the traffic

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