iPhone Weekly Digest: Fun Unit Conversion, Five-Finger Fillet, One-Thumb Shooting and More

Left: Amusing unit converter 5ft Monkey. Right: Brave Man loses a finger.

Left: Amusing unit converter 5ft Monkey. Right: Brave Man loses a finger.

It’s Friday and it’s time for our weekly digest of tiny iPhone reviews, courtesy of iPhoneTiny.com, with some extra commentary exclusive to Cult of Mac.

Under review this week: AboutTime, Privately, Pro Football Live!, Hanoi Plus, Brave Man, 5ft Monkey, Orbital. As always, all id.gd links are to the relevant App Store page.


One-thumb goodness with Orbital.

One-thumb goodness with Orbital.

Orbital: Pretty & addictive one-thumb orb shooter. Not unique, but the best of its type. Great gravity mode. 4/5 $2.99 http://is.gd/4mh4R

AboutTime: ‘Fuzzy’ clock that displays the time using plain-English phrases. Good typography + night/day views. 3/5 $0.99 http://is.gd/4dLc4

Privately: Bare-bones ‘private’ web browser. OK performance, but poor landscape mode and lacks features. 2/5 Free http://is.gd/4dLry

Pro Football Live!: NFL results, standings, news & curious play-by-play game commentary. Iffy UI; good content. 3/5 Free http://is.gd/4hxqj

Hanoi Plus: Polished, responsive but ultimately rather dull Tower of Hanoi puzzler. 2/5 $0.99 http://is.gd/4hxMS

Brave Man: Somewhat crazed one-touch five-finger fillet game with great retro-style graphics. 3/5 $0.99 http://is.gd/4jHsn

5ft Monkey: Not the sleekest unit converter, but the most fun, w/ ‘real units’ (moose antlers, blue whale…) 3/5 $0.99 http://is.gd/4kWOP

Orbital gets the nod this week. I’d not been excited about checking out the game because its premise seemed similar to a bunch of other iPod games—prod the screen to fire balls up the screen and watch them expand into space. Then hit them a few times to remove them from the screen. However, I decided to take a look when writing 10 amazing ‘one-button’ iPod Touch and iPhone games for GamesRadar, and I’m really glad I did. Orbital isn’t anything original, but its polish and beautiful graphics lift it above its contemporaries, in a manner not entirely disimilar to geoDefense.

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