Flock The Vote With Codeweavers, Get Free CrossOver App For A Year

Flock The Vote With Codeweavers, Get Free CrossOver App For A Year

CodeWeavers announced today the return of Quack: Flock the Vote, a program in which Codeweavers will offer their Windows compatibility software for free download over a 24-hour period and to use for 12 months if 100,000 American voters pledge to vote in the coming elections.

The company even has a thermometer graphic to measure the number of pledges.

This is the second time CodeWeavers has created such a giveaway, encouraging folks to get out and vote, regardless of which party they may favor. The previous voting promotion- The CodeWeavers Lame Duck Presidential Challenge – brought in over 650,000 online registrations for a free license of CrossOver in 2008.

“Why pull another ridiculous stunt like this?” said Jeremy White, president of CodeWeavers. “I want citizens to get involved in righting the troubling state of affairs that we’re all complaining about in this country. I don’t care who you vote for, just vote!”

Once 100,000 US voters have pledged, Codeweavers will let people download the CrossOver App for free over a 24 hour period. The downloaders will be able to use the software free of charge for 12-months after that. Crossover is a Windows-compatibility layer, allowing users to run Windows programs within the Mac OS X environment, much in the same way that Wine works, though with a few differences. CrossOver makes the installation process much easier than open-source Wine, for one, and offers extensive support.

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